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Tracking Roller Assemblies

It consists of two rectangular steel tubing frames. One is stationary, the other is movable. it is supported in a nyalguide sliding block and arcuate bar system, and has ab idler roller at either end. The web can be fed over the Tracking Roller Assemblies in A ‘U’ shaped path, reversing its direction of travel, or through the Tracking Roller Assemblies in a ‘Z’ configuration, maintaining the same direction of travel. It is insensitive to attitude and can even be mounted upside down. Solidly supported on all four corners by nylaguide bearings, it is not subject to deflections caused by cantilever stresses. Radial bearings are sealed, and linear bearings are self – cleaning and self – lubrication. The unit therefore requires no maintenance.

Tracking Roller Assemblies


Standard adapter bases consists of a stationary floor mounted frame or plate, a four unit, standard nylaguide bearing and support system, and a moving frame of plate. A heavy duty servo cylinder is nested between the frames and the nylaguide bearings. The servo cylinder moves the upper adapter base plate back and forth in response to hydraulic signals from the power unit.


The TRA is designed so that is swings in an arc laterally, pivoting about an imaginary pivot point located exactly in the plane of the entering web path. The servo cylinder swings the other end of the frame, moving the outgoing web laterally back into the desired web path. Because the TRA correction range is increased by lengthening the span. Therefore the correction angle an be kept small to reduce induced stresses to the level desired. Because stresses can be used to guide within the tension loop on your process.

0.5 H.P. Motor
Air Pipe – 5 Mtr.
Oil Pipe – 5 Mtr.
Sensor – 1 pcs
Adjuster – 1 pcs.
Air Filter – 1 pcs.
Oil Filter – 1 pcs.
Hydraulic Cylinder size 6” strock – 1 pcs
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