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Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller, Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier, we have been successfully manufacturing all types of Rubber Roller, India. Rubber Rollers with different types for various Industries. Brush Rollers, Super Hard Rubber Rollers, Ebonite Rubber Rolls, Inflatable Rubber Tube, Nip Roll, Pinch Rollers, Printing Rollers, Impression Rollers, Silicone Rollers, EPDM Rubber Rolls.

Rubber Rollers Manufacturer

Industrial Roller Manufacturer

Rubber Roller

Krishna Engineering Works manufacturing international standards of Rubber Roller, also awarded for best quality products. We are specialized and manufacturer, exporter of all types of high quality Rubber Rollers. Rubber Roller available for all kind of applications and various types of Rubber Coated Rollers. Also, dealing on high quality fabrication, Re-Covering Rubber Rolls, Re-Coating Rubber, Precision Rollers, Textile Rubber Rolls, Printing Rubber Roll and Industrial Rubber Rollers from last 25 years.

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier all types of Rubber Roller
  • Rubber Rollers
  • Ebonite Roller
  • Guide Roller
  • Brush Roller
  • Super Hard Rubber
  • Rubber Sleeves
  • Inflatable Rubber Tube
  • Nip Roll
  • Pinch Roller
  • Printing Roller
  • Impression Roller
  • PU Rollers
  • Silicon Roller
  • Screen Exposing Tube
  • Re-coating of Rubber
  • Repairs & Servicing
  • EPDM Rubberr
  • Neoprene Rubber
  • Hypalon Rubber
  • Plastic Roller
  • Rubber Lining
  • Quick Change Sleeve
  • Rubber Tube Roller / Hollow Roller
  • Rubber Blanket of Rubber belt

    • Various types of Rollers manufacturer
    • Sizes: Diameter up to 750 mm
    • Length: Up to 9000 mm
    Types of Coating Hardness
    Natural Rubber 35 – 85
    Nitrile Rubber 30 – 95
    Neoprene Rubber 40 – 95
    Hypalon Rubber 40 – 80
    Silicone Rubber 35 – 75
    Ebonite Rubber 100

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