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Textile Machinery Spare Parts Manufacturer

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Spares Textile Processing Machinery for different types of textile machines from India. We always have Spares of Textile Processing Machinery readily available from Stock. Spares Textile Processing Machinery for following Machines :

Textile Machinery Spare Parts

  • Stenter Machine
  • Jigger Machine
  • Rotary Screen Printing Machine
  • Mechanical Cloth Guiders
  • Folding Machine
  • Gear Sets
  • Nylon Gear Cuppling & Sleeve
Artos Pin Device
Bottom Assembly
Clip Opener Device
Cooling Fan
Door Lock Harish
Expander Roller
Feeler Switch Open Stenter
Farmatex Pin Feeler Switch
Farmatx Stenter Clip
Finger Uncurler
Harish Clip Feeler Switch
Harish Pin Feeler Switch
Hub Retaing Clip
Magnetic Coupling
Main Shaft Artos
Textile Brush
Technical Specification

  • Slow Start/Stop
  • Trough is entirely built in stainless steel AISI 316
  • The Door of Machine pneumatically lifted & lowered
  • To observe inside of the Machine large windows are provided
  • The Doors and windows are sealed with special gasket against steam escape
  • To prevent dripping of condensate there are steam coils in the hood
  • Dye liquor circulation by means of pump this circuit is used for better leveled dyeing or switching the flow on the spray pipes for more efficient washing or raishing
  • Dye liquor filter outside the machine with large filtering surface
  • Service Tank For dye stuffs and chemicals
  • Semi or Fully Automatic with Microprocessor [On Request]
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